Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer in Little Rock, Arkansas

The Law Offices of Sheila Campbell champions the rights of potential clients injured as a result of an MVA. We help clients seek compensation for defective products, medical malpractice, wrongful death and motor vehicle accident injuries. Injuries can result in missed time from work, expensive medical bills, long-term rehabilitation costs, and pain and suffering. Families sometimes find themselves struggling to care for the injured loved ones. The law provides protections to victims, allowing them to seek compensation from negligent parties for their injuries. If another person or company's neglect left you hurt or injured, you deserve justice for your pain and suffering. The Law Offices of Sheila Campbell serve the people of Arkansas, helping victims recover the maximum damages allowable to the nature and extent of their injuries.

How a Personal Injury Claim is Filed

Every personal injury claim is unique, and a skilled accident lawyer, such as Sheila Campbell, in Little Rock, Arkansas can offer you guidance on how to proceed if you've been hurt due to another person's negligence. However, many cases follow similar patterns. If you've been injured, your first step will likely be to seek qualified medical care for your injuries. The shock of being injured can be immense. Sometimes personal injury victims spend months shouldering expensive medical bills and rehabilitation costs on their own, unaware that negligent parties may be liable for these bills. It is important that victims or their families seek the counsel of an injury lawyer as soon as possible. Arkansas limits the amount of time injury victims have to pursue responsible individuals or companies in court. The Arkansas Statute of Limitations is currently three years. While this may seem like ample time, ER medical treatment, follow-up doctor visits, therapy and healing time can take-up a generous amount of time, before settlement process begins. In order to ensure that your personal injury lawyer has the time to properly manage your claim, you'll want to contact a skilled accident attorney as soon as possible.

When you initially meet with your injury attorney, you'll provide evidence of medical treatment, wage loss information, doctor's excuse for missed time at work, and inform your attorney about any conditions you have as a result of your injuries. Your personal injury attorney will perform an initial investigation into the situation and make an honest assessment of whether you have a viable case. At this time, your accident lawyer may make an estimate of the amount of time, for your treatment and try to get idea of how much time you may be off from work. After you have finished treating and the doctor has determined you have reach maximum medical improvement, your injury lawyer will evaluate and submit your case for settlement. If settlement cannot be reached, your lawyer will discuss the process of litigating the case. Litigation can be costly and time-consuming, while out of court settlements can sometimes result in satisfactory compensation for victims and families. Your personal injury attorney will discuss your options with you regarding litigation and maybe accepting a comprise settlement, and offer guidance on the best course of action between the two.

Clients wonder how their personal injury damages are determined. Damages are based on the nature and extent of injuries, actual medical bills and expenses, future medical bills and expenses, and pain and suffering, along with the amount of property damages to justify claimed injuries. If you or your loved one has had to miss time at work due to an injury, you may also be able to recover money in lost wages. Victims also have the right to seek compensation for pain and suffering. The Nature and extent of injuries are an integral factor in determining the values of damages.

Once damages have been determined, your personal injury attorney will send a demand letter to the negligent party or their insurance company. If the parties cannot reach a settlement then a lawsuit will be filed in court. After the complaint is filed, the discovery process will begin. During this time, each party will gather statements from witnesses and conduct depositions. You may be required to undergo an independent medical examination and you will be questioned by the other party's attorneys. Your accident lawyer will guide through you every step of this process. In some cases, a settlement may be reached before the case actually goes to trial or even during trial. Finally, once this process is complete, the case will go to trial. Your attorney will determine whether settlement is prudent or not.

While this overview offers a general guideline for an injured victim, it does not replace competent legal representation. The Law Offices of Sheila Campbell takes the time to learn about each client's unique circumstances and moves forward based on what is the most prudent course of action. If you've been injured in Arkansas, and need a bodily injury lawyer with the skills to guide you through this complex legal process. Contact the Law Offices of Sheila Campbell today to learn more about how she will fight to protect your rights and for you to receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Advocating The Rights of Personal Injury Victims In or Out Court

If you've been injured, your recovery is first and foremost on your mind. However, for many personal injury victims, the recovery process can take years and can result in immense expenses for victims and families. Don't suffer alone. The Law Offices of Sheila Campbell provide compassionate counsel to victims who have suffered because of corporate or individual negligence. If you have been injured in the state of Arkansas, you need a personal injury attorney who will aggressively represent you, while also providing you the no-nonsense answers you need and deserve. Contact the Sheila Campbell Law Firm today to learn more about how to protect your rights.